Information for Organisations

We offer a variety of workshops that can be tailored to the requirements of each individual organisation and age group, focusing around a couple of key learning objectives. 

We ask that schools request a maximum of FOUR workshops per term in order of preference, of which we can guarantee at least three workshops. Each workshop includes a maximum of two consecutive sessions lasting 60, 45 or 30 minutes each. Both sessions will consist of the same type of workshop. Please also note that we usually have in place a maximum group size of 30 pupils, and any groups larger than this should be organised well in advance.


What we expect from you 


1. Volunteers should not be left to lead a workshop alone with a class full of 



2.  Please inform workshop leaders of any children with disabilities and/or further educational needs so that we can facilitate them. 


3. Be patient with us! We are still learning how to teach and lead effectively. 


4. If you are in any doubt as to when your workshop is, please email the main MEG account


5. Class teachers can set an excellent example to the children and support us by joining in with our workshops. 


6. Most importantly, enjoy having our volunteers in your schools and have fun!